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The Heritage Way

Heritage Patios is a leading distributor of elegant, high-quality aluminum pergolas and patio covers designed to improve your outdoor living space. Our aluminum construction outlasts and outperforms building materials like wood due to natural disadvantages from weather, insects, and fire.

Time to step outdoors and read, eat, or just enjoy your morning coffee. Your day gets better and your outlook is perfect under a new Heritage Patios pergola or patio cover. 

You Can Choose By System

If you already know the product you're looking for, you can start here and then filter based on the size, color or snowload requirement.

You Can Choose By Snow Load

Do you know the loading required for your area? If you do, start here by choosing low snow (10lb), low/medium snow (20lb) or medium/high (30lb). Unsure of your requirements, you can check that out by clicking here.

Aluminum Construction

Heritage Patios is a leading distributor of USA manufactured aluminum outdoor living products.

Heritage Patios products are constructed of high-grade aluminum materials that are maintenance-free all year.

Unlike wood construction pergolas and patio covers, aluminum wont crap, peel, or attract unwanted insects.

 Aluminum coil paint is applied and baked-on in a proven multi-step application to ensure lasting quality and performance without fading.  

Increase the shade and comfort of your patio with a solid cover that will last for years with virtually no maintenance compared to wood construction.

Prove Your DIY Pedigree

Heritage Patio patio solutions will install quick and easy in just one single weekend with the help of 1-2 experienced friends. Installing an aluminum patio solution requires no heavy lifting or powerful equipment to install in your backyard.

Each do-it-yourself (DIY) installation kit provides all the materials and hardware to install a solid patio cover. Protect your patio & personal property from UV rays, rain, hail, snow, storm debris & most harsh weather conditions. The weather resistant solid aluminum construction increases usable living space right in your backyard.

Made In America

We're proud to say that our products are Made in America, so you know that our products are durable, functional and built to last.

We manufacture in two different facilities to ensure that our customers get taken care of as quickly as possible. With locations in Florida and California producing the highest quality aluminum products, we meet in the middle to ensure that you get the lowest cost products in an expedited way. 

Different locations have different requirements, we offer one of the broadest online selection to make sure we meet your needs!

CUSTOMER Testimonials

Awesome Patio Cover!

Would highly recommend this patio cover. Very good quality product. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment!

Pamela P.

My Friends and I got it done

Very easy to install as long as you have a sense of DIY!

Bradley F

My dream awning

Love it!!!! Thank you so much.

Joe S.

The awning looks so nice now I've got it up!

Robert L.