Elevate Summer with Heritage Patios

Elevate Summer with Heritage Patios

As summer unfolds, your outdoor living space serves as a haven of endless possibilities. Whether you want to entertain or just relax, a Heritage Patios’ Patio Cover is the perfect way to enhance your backyard and make summer even more enjoyable!


Create a Cozy Lounge Area

When summer nights start to get a little chilly, but you still want to enjoy the outdoors. What is one thing everyone could use? A cozy lounge area! Set up your outdoor living space with softas, bean bags, hammocks and such. Add in plenty of cushions and blankets in fun summer colors, so that you can kick back and relax!


Set Up a Refreshing Beverage Station

Summer days can get hot! What better way to keep everyone hydrated than with a refreshing beverage station. Consider a table or even a mobile cart that you can move around. Choose the most accessible part of your outdoor living space and start filling it up! Ice cold water, juice and even cocktail mixers for the adults! If you want to make things extra festive and summery, add in some fun, colorful straws and cups. The perfect way to keep everyone happy and healthy this summer!


Staying Active Outdoors

Transform your outdoor living space into a place where you can exercise while still enjoying the warm summer days. From Yoga Mats to basic gym equipment like weights. You can even invite friends or family over to join for motivation and company. Stay fit and healthy this summer while making the most of summer and your outdoor space.


 Summer Barbecues

Summer wouldn’t be the same without Barbeques. Turn your Patio Cover into the ultimate barbecue zone to cook up summer fun! Grill classic summer barbecue foods such as hamburgers and hotdogs.  Play some music and enjoy!

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